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What Is A Myomectomy?What Is A Myomectomy?

The myomectomy is also known as the fibroidectomy. This is a development that refers to surgically removing what are known as uterine leiomyomas. These are also known as fibroids. Contrary to the hysterectomy, the myomectomy in Hilton Head ensures that the woman’s uterus is preserved. She is therefore also able to remain reproductive should she still be of age. Now, the presence of fibroids does not always necessitate the removal thereof.

Removal of the fibroids may only ever be necessary in the event that the patient is experiencing persistent pain or pressure. There could be abnormal bleeding. And most seriously, the presence of fibroids could interfere with the woman’s reproduction purposes. The fibroids usually have to be quite large to be removed. Also, it could be growing in areas where it bulges into the endometrial cavity. Allowing such growth to continue could result in major cavity distortion.

Treatment options open to the patient will certainly include medical therapy. But it need not go any further than observation. Medical therapy, by the way, includes the hysterectomy, uterine artery embolization and high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation. The myomectomy can also be performed in a number of ways. It will almost always depend on location, size and the number of lesions required.

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And it is usually left up to the experienced presiding surgeon to make the call. During the surgical procedure, no more than a general or a spinal anesthesia would be needed to sedate the patient. The traditional myomectomy procedure remains that of the laparotomy. But it usually does require a full abdominal incision. This would be done vertically or horizontally. But no more than two incisions may be required.

And so recovery from surgery could last no more than six to eight weeks.

5 Essential Things Pharmacy Owns Need for Success5 Essential Things Pharmacy Owns Need for Success

Competing in today’s pharmaceutical world is challenging but not impossible. However, to achieve success, it is imperative to first learn the things that make a pharmacy one that customers trust and shop with often. Get started with that information below.

This list of things every pharmacy needs to be successful can help any small, medium, or large-sized business. Get to work putting these things together as soon as possible.

1.  Customer Service: Pharmacy customers expect to see smiling, friendly faces behind the counter. They need people willing to help with product purchases, medications, and more. If you make customers happy, everything else comes easily.

2.  Products: Do not limit your pharmacy to selling only prescription and nonprescription meditation. You can make customers’ lives easier and enhance profits by offering medical related products and other goods for one stop shopping.

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3.  POS System: It is also important that you have implemented a great pharmacy pos system to ensure success at your business. A POS system can make employees like easier and ensure that customers’ information is safe and protected.

4.  Insurance: Most customers who you serve are paying for medications with insurance and so that means it is important that your pharmacy take as many different forms of insurance as possible.

5.  Satisfaction: Overall patient happiness and satisfaction is the most important aspect of business operation, especially when operating a pharmacy. Make sure you have a pharmacy that makes customers happy and always ask them what they think about your store and services.

With the five things above in the palace your pharmacy is well on the wall to becoming the next best thing in town. Do not settle for second best when you can achieve success.

Why Massage Therapy Is Good For YouWhy Massage Therapy Is Good For You

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There are no ifs or buts. There is no question about it. That massage near me in Redmond WA is going to be good for you as well. This is not something that is up for discussion. Because look at you. It feels as though you have got your back up against the wall. Your back is aching in different places and you are left wondering how it got to this point. How did you allow life to run away from you like this? It feels like you have got a heavy boulder on your shoulders.

Your shoulder muscles are feeling stiff and tense in different places. It feels like hard knots that are eating into your bones. Bit by bit. And these are knots that you simple cannot untangle. You are missing your daily walks. It used to feel oh so good before. You miss the fresh air and your mouth is feeling really dry. It is like you have been stuck in a hot dry desert for days. They say that you can go without water for only so many days.

And then it is time to start preparing for your last rites. You are feeling really tense, really stressed out and anxious at this time. You do not know when it is going to end. You do not know what to do to pull yourself out of this terrible situation. Well, if you could just listen for a moment. This is what we have been trying to tell you all this time. That a massage is very good for you indeed. There goes the high stress and anxiety levels.

There goes the aching shoulder and back muscles. There goes the pressure. It is good therapy. It works.

MRIs Are No Longer ScaryMRIs Are No Longer Scary

A magnetic resonance imaging “MRI” scan is both a common and semi-terrifying procedure for patients the world over. The standard MRI procedure involves the not-so-pleasant process of laying on a slab, being enclosed in a tight-fitting machine, and being ordered not to move for anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. This combination of horrifying elements tends to make for a less-than-fun experience. 

But there is hope.

Opening Up the Technology

“Open” or “upright” MRI scans provide a very different environment. An “open” MRI, as the name implies, uses updated technology so patient scans can happen in various positions and postures. Open MRI services such as upright mri in East Brunswick help patients feel more human during their scans by removing the primary source of discomfort: an enclosed machine.

A Quality Scan Without Fear

Many of the major complaints from “traditional” or “closed” MRIs include feelings of:

·    Claustrophobia

·    Anxiety 

·    Discomfort

However, open MRIs remove the aspects of the experience that contribute most to these negative feelings. Open MRIs do so by opening up the technology-physically-so the patient experience is more like having a seat in a waiting room than being rolled up like a carpet and stuck in a giant robot!

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Open MRIs are quieter, more advanced, more flexible, and are even more child-friendly and accessible as a result. 


Upright MRI machines come in a variety of designs. Some resemble a chair with machinery attached; others seem more like leaning against a wall; others allow the patient to stand fully upright. The technology is such that the imaging produces fewer visual artifacts, making the tech’s job easier and the physician’s analysis that much more effective. That means more info for your diagnosis, which is better for everyone.


Open MRI machines cost less, both initially and on an ongoing basis. This may seem to be more relevant to the business than to the patient. Still, cost savings often benefit the patient in various ways, often including reduced bills!

What a world we live in. Standing MRIs, virtual colonoscopies…what’s next?

Upgrading to Smart Home: Are You Ready?Upgrading to Smart Home: Are You Ready?

You might read around online or see videos of smart home technologies at work, and wish that you could have such a setup in your home. While it can lead to a lot of convenience for you, you will also have a lot of prep work to do to make sure your home is all set to become a smart home.

What will you need to do to prepare? Do you have the time and the knowledge to do it all on your own? Take some of the following information into account about setting up a smart home, and if you don’t think you can do it on your own, you can always rely on the help of a handyman in my area in cranston ri to be there to give you a hand in getting your smart home set up properly.

What Do I Need to Set Up a Smart Home?

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To turn your home into a smart home, you are going to need to make sure take some of the following preparations, mostly technological. Look around online for some of these items – you might be surprised at how often you can find some of them on discount.

·    Get smart speakers ready to go. Smart homes rely on voice commands largely in their operation, so you will want to make sure you have one of the well-known smart speakers purchased so you can control your home with your words. Popular speakers include the Google Home, the Amazon Echo, and Apple’s HomePod.

·    Make sure you have smart lighting or other appliances. You will want to make sure you have something “smart” to control, so look into smart home appliances such as lighting, temperature control, and more.

·    Get the right apps installed. Smart home controls also rely on smartphone applications, so look into which ones you will need and then go ahead and install them so they will be ready to go.

All that’s left once you have some of this prep work done is to begin the setup of your smart home tech. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and soon enough, you will be able to control your home conveniently from anywhere in the world, officially making the jump into the Digital Age.