What is an Art Festival?



An art festival is a festival which encompasses a variety of art genres which include dance, music, film, poetry or literature. The art festival is not the only a specialization in visual arts, but it also features mixed programs. The different event’s performance is on a stage within a period where each performance is ticketed separately. There are various types of arts festival such as theatre festivals, art fairs, dance festivals, pop festivals and film festivals. Art Festival provides employment opportunities to many people involved in the exhibition; art dealers, artists, curators who trade artwork in a gallery or venue open to people and the collectors.


Art Fair


Art Fair is a subgenre of arts festival which focuses on the visual art in general. An art fair has a variety of art dealers, artists, and collectors. The art fair also has trading services of painting, drawing, handcrafted and photography. The primary goal of art fairs is the exhibition, and selling artists work they represent. Art dealings are rapidly increasing due to their increased creativity in the presentations.

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Film Festival


These are organized events staged by local governments, universities or art organizations which show films in screening venues. The events provide a chance for the filmmakers to be recognized by the film lovers. Films include both domestic and international releases based on a subject matter or a genre. Film festivals are annual events which feature short or full-length movies. The film festival is one of the earliest Art Festivals which are still embraced by the community up to date.


Poetry Festival


These are events organized and stage literature groups, private organizations, and poetry. Poets are either international or national and categorized into specific themes. They are annual events with poetry being the central part. Poetry festivals are mainly organized to entertain and educate people. Creation of poems requires creativity, and a good understanding of the language used to uphold the rules of poetry.


Music Festival


They are outdoor music events taking a time span of a weekend and features many music genres and number of bands. The music festival is famous in many countries in the universities. The Music festival events are mainly used to bring people together using music. The musical genre varies widely from rock, pop, and heavy metal. Music Festival is the most famous art festival in many countries. The music festival is mainly embraced in schools to teach the students about their culture and history.


Theatre Festival


Theatre festival involves competition of poets, playwrights and actors to win the best performance title. The theatre festival also known as drama festival is different from a music festival. The stage performance of the drama festival consists of an orchestra, dancing floor and dressing room. Actors wear masks which are appropriate to the characters they represent.


Organizing Art Festival


Art festivals are organized by an artistic director who is responsible for encompassing different genres and handling artistic direction. The creative director correctly handles all the styles including the fringe festivals which have open access; they are different from Greenfield festivals and visual Arts festivals which concentrate on visual arts.